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Michele lives and loves to shine a light into corners of the world where the Last, Least, Lost or Forgotten call home. One of Michele’s greatest privileges is bringing people with her as she travels with Young Life to see and serve the world God sees. She loves to gather people together, creating experiences of connection with indigenous leaders and kids, within nations and neighborhoods far and near.  You’re invited to come and see what God is up to in these beautiful, heart-breaking, and deeply hopeful parts of the world.  

Visit Young Life Expeditions, the short term service division of Young Life, to learn more about serving and engaging with Young Life or Contact Michele about traveling with her to Haiti.


Michele is available to speak on a variety of topics for one gathering or a multi day retreats.  Complete the contact form here to check her availability.

Speaking Topics:

  • How To Actually Love your Neighbor Next Door and Around The World.

  • Jesus’ Encounters and Empowers Women in the Gospel of John.

  • Shalom - WholeHearted Living - Not Just For Jewish Mothers!

  • Short Term Missions - How to Not Screw Up the World By Trying to Change It.

Michele Sbrana has served as the National Director of Young Life Expeditions since 2010 and has been in and around Young Life her entire life. Expeditions connects people in service and relationship experiences connecting kids and adults in cross cultural settings in over 60 countries including the United States.  She has taken people to connect with people doing amazing work serving kids in places like Haiti, Nepal, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Uganda Costa Rica, Israel and Palestine and pinches herself just about everyday! She oversees a staff of 10 and a budget of over $1.1 million and welcomes the generosity of friends and strangers!


Books By Michele

To My Friend  -  Reflections on Motherhood: Wit and Wisdom on Parenting Toddlers to Teens

To My Friend - Reflections on Motherhood: Wit and Wisdom on Parenting Toddlers to Teens

Thirty-One Gifts -   A December Advent Daily Devotional

Thirty-One Gifts - A December Advent Daily Devotional


We cannot change the world by a new plan, project or idea. We cannot even change other people by our convictions, stories, advice and proposals, but we can offer a space where people are encouraged to disarm themselves, to lay aside their occupations and preoccupations and to listen with attention and care to the voices speaking in their own center.
— Henri Nowen, Reaching Out